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Fire damage restoration / cleanup services in Miami

If you require fire damage clean up or fire damage restoration at your property, in most cases your insurance will pay for our fire damage restoration work. We can help you with your insurance claim and make the fire damage repairs as quick and easy as possible for you. We have Fire & Flood damage repair experts ready to attend your property fully equiped for all that is required to manage any water or fire situation.We can also reduce insurance claim life cycles with a quicker response to your water or fire damage restoration needs.

A home damaged or destroyed by fire is a very difficult and stressful experience for a home owner to live through. Even if the fire does not consume a whole structure, smoke and water damage can be extensive. Dry Masters experts knows how to clean up, repair and work through the process of restoring or rebuilding fire affected homes. We can work with your insurance company, we know building department procedures and will do what we can with the available resources to bring life back to your home.

Some information about the after event of a fire...

Fires are the second leading cause of accidental death around the home. Due to unique behavior of smoke, fire restoration may not be simple. It is important to have an experienced restoration team on your side. A fast treatment will help reduce smoke and soot health hazards. The effects of a fire will often be serious. But WE will dispatch our team of professional restoration technicians to handle the clean up operation and help reduce the impact of your loss. The remaining structure and contents not directly damaged by the fire are typically coated with a fine black residue from the soot of the fire. The soot is usually swept through the air ducts of the structure by the air handling units. Mix that soot with the humidity that results from the effect of water on flames, and you have an acidic residue that will continue to cause further damage the longer it is allowed to remain.

Smoke/Soot Removal

Whether the cause of fire is electrical, arson, chemical or another source, Dry Masters Restoration has the knowledge and experience to remove soot particles and smoke damage from any material. A detailed cleaning is very important after a fire, due to the nature of the soot spread and air born risks. We detail clean all of the contents and the structure with specialized products and methods to remove all the smoke, soot and odor. We will then work with you to make any necessary repairs and return the structure to its pre-loss condition.

Usually after a fire, black soot is everywhere. We specializes in soot restoration using the proper techniques to restore the condition of your home or commercial building. Understanding the techniques involved in soot restoration is a very important aspect of the entire process, if not done properly; it will only worsen the existing condition of your home/office warranting, unnecessary painting and redecorating.

Our first priority is to defend, protect and secure your property from any further damage.

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