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Our Design/Build process saves time and money and improves quality by emphasizing professional approach thorough the process of investigation, planning and by maintaining constant communication with the homeowner. Your vision plus our expertise of professional organization equals superior planning, which is the key to efficient construction and customer satisfaction.

Here's how the process works:

Step 1: The Consultation "Discovery Phase"

In this phase, we come to your home to discuss the project you have been dreaming about, asking questions about your goals for the project, your timetable for its completion, and your "wish list." We will take all measurements necessary and discuss the array of options, designs, and products available for the project so that we can provide you with an estimated cost. We can then get the preliminary plans (including floor plans and front elevation) started. This Discovery Phase will also help you determine if the value you are adding to your home will be worth the investment you are considering. In this first step, there is no cost involved.

Step 2: Design & Feasibility Phase/Investigative Phase

If you move on to the "Investigative Phase," the Contractor and Senior Designer will meet at your home to investigate the possibilities and limitations of your property and the existing structure, including set back requirements, code issues/regulations, deed restrictions, etc. At this point, we will prepare a preliminary set of plans integrating your vision with the results of our investigation. When that draft is completed, we will meet with you to discuss the results and review the preliminary plans and scope of the work. We will also provide you with a preliminary budget at this point, generally one that gives a few options to choose from along with their corresponding price tags in "hard numbers." Once you have chosen the option that suits you best, you sign the "Letter of Intent."

Step 3: Final Phase

You are in the home stretch! Now you have all the preliminary documents, including design, scope of work, and preliminary budget. From steps 1 and 2 we are now ready to prepare the final budget, final scope of work, and all the final construction documents. We will prepare the final drawings to include the floor plan, elevations, electrical, plumbing, etc. We will also help you with product and finish selections, including floor coverings, cabinets, windows, electrical and plumbing fixtures, paint colors, wall & ceiling textures, doors, and trim. After all this information is compiled, we prepare the final construction agreement and start getting our tools out because the construction process is ready to begin! Why do we take such care in getting to this point? Because, just like you, we don't want any surprises along the way or at the end. Our step-by-step process helps minimize change orders and other cost increases, and it makes sure that the house or additions you want is really the what you will get.

Our design/build process for more minor projects like basic kitchen and bath remodeling is generally the same, though more streamlined because of fewer legal and structural investigation issues. For kitchens and bathrooms, especially, the process is simplified through our design software that enables you to see what your remodeled kitchen will look like before you sign anything and before we open up the toolbox. Call us about your remodeling project to see how our design/build process can work for you!

At Dry Masters Remodeling & Designs, we keep three things foremost in our priorities: your budget, timely construction, and the highest standards possible. Our thorough design/build process uses careful planning and clear communication with our clients to help avoid costly and time-consuming change orders.

The advantages of design/build are clearly evident. A reduction in the overall time is very important. Less time and fewer meetings are required. Owners need not spend as many meetings first with their designer and engineer and then another set of meetings with their selected contractor. Budgets are set early and costs are not an uncertainty during the design. And finally, the best projects are those that have the owners involved in the decision-making. Fewer problems arise because the project is so well defined. This also relates to no change orders unless there is a legitimate change in the scope. All these advantages help the owner receive a project on time, at budget and as expected.

We have a team of fully trained proffesionals, with the right attitude, every day at every location. Dry Masters in Miami offer a variety of services for Homes & Commercial Properties. All situations are different, so for a very competitive quote please contact us on 1 800 991 7243
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