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Dry Masters Basement flooding & Water removal services in Miami

Do you have the flooded basement blues? Due to their nature, basements being an underground structure are prone to water damage and it doesn’t take a river overflowing its banks or a major hurricane to flood a basement. In fact, basement flooding more often occurs due to burst pipes, small leak and rain water build up in the surrounding soil.

There are many options to protect you home from floods, and help can be found on the internet, however, we do recommend professional advice as even the simplest mistake and inappropriate solution can cost more in a long run, we therefore advise you to contact us today for free advice and first class service.

Other prevention steps include fixing leaks, ensuring proper drainage, and installing a sump pump, however Leaks in the basement don’t always originate down below. For example, if you have a leaking toilet above, where do you think the water is going to end up? Drip, drip, drip… down to the basement! We have and only use the latest technology in locating leaks.

Remember that faulty gutter system? Is rainwater draining properly or is it collecting in the soil that’s pressing against your basement walls? Make sure that your home’s gutters are draining properly – away from the foundation and basement. Does the ground near your home slope away from it or toward it? Ideally, the ground should slope away. If not, consider grading the soil. Sump pumps are increasingly being used as a preventative tool. In the past, sump pumps were used after flooding occurred. Now, many municipalities have restricted builders from routing rainwater from gutters to the sewer systems as they try to comply with the Clean Water Act. If the water isn’t carried away from your foundation and basement, flooding can occur.

The sump pump acts to remove water from the lowest sections of the basement, even below the basement floor. A sump hole collects rising ground water. The sump pump kicks in when the water reaches a “critical” level and begins pumping the water out. The water is pumped through a pipe that diverts it away from your home’s foundation and basement, and this too requires appropriate setup and diversion of water to comply with clean water act, however the best solution is to call us today and get advice to resolve those problems so you will never need to worry about pumping water!

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